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We are located at the foot of the Valley of a Thousand Hills in Kwa-Zulu Natal, in Waterfall, situated North West of Pinetown.

Our Boerboels are our pride and joy. Each Boerboel is a part of our household and are family pets. We believe in personal touch with our Boerboels.

We strive to breed strictly according to the guidelines of the SABT breed standard.

We aim to promote the Boerboel as a family pet to the best home possible, therefore try to place the most suitable puppy with each prospective buyer and his needs. Just another guard dog or a gift does not form part of our placement program.

BOERBOEL as a breed

Why is the Boerboel breed such a popular breed?


First thing to bear in mind is that you cannot buy a registered Boerboel puppy. When buying a puppy from registered and appraised parents, a birth notification should be issued by the breeder. The breeder will submit paperwork regarding the pups to the SABT. The SABT will issue Birth Certificates for the pups stating a 5 generation breed lineage. This birth certificate must be kept to submit at an appraisal point to register the Boerboel.   

Always read up on a breed before you decide to buy a pup. This is very important because you are not acquiring just another pet. A boerboel pup needs love and attention, but must also be trained in basic obedience from day one. When you raise your puppy well, your boerboel will look after you.


The boerboel will be appraised on his/her appearance on the day of the appraisal.
A boerboel must achieve a percentage of 75% and above to be eligible for registration. With a percentage of 85% and above a boerboel is eligible to be included in the stud-register. For more information on appraisals and registration of Boerboels contact the SABT 

It is expected from a boerboel owner:

- To hand in the original birth certificate issued by the SABT or the SABT birth

   notification slip issued by the breeder.

- That your boerboel must be accustomed to stand/walk/run on a lead. This is

   necessary so the appraisers can inspect the boerboel.

To know when the next appraisal in your region is going to take place, contact the SABT.

CONTACT US: (Enquiries can be in English or Afrikaans)

You can contact us by

  • sending an email to bunduvalley@wol.co.za 
  • André Taljaard - (+27) 83 460 4079
  • Tokkie - (+27) 83 44 00 141
  • Home - (+27) 31 - 776 3733
  • Fax - 0866 418 244
  • P.O. Box 1944, Link Hills, 3652, South Africa


  Please follow this link to see if we have puppies available  


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