The Boerboel, sometimes called the South African Mastiff, is a large dog that used to be bred to work on farms due to their brute strength. However, nowadays they are employed more as guard dogs than farm dogs. Many people pronounce the name of this dog as burbull, but the correct pronunciation is along the lines of “boo-er-bool”.


Breed History

To this day there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding which dog breeds and how many were used to create the Boerboel. It is believed that this dog was created by breeding African landrace dogs with breeds that were brought in from abroad by British, French, and Dutch settlers.

The likely origin goes back to 1652, when Jan van Riebeeck brought a Bulldog with him from the Netherlands. Other European settlers then later brought with them strong, large dogs that were almost certainly mated with South Africa’s indigenous dogs. During the 1869s, when there military posts across South Africa, Terriers, Greyhounds, Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Foxhounds, and Pointers could be found at every post. The Boerboel is a cross between the aforementioned breeds.

In 1928, De Beers, a diamond mining business, brought Bullmastifs with them to keep gaurd of the mines. These Bullmastiffs were also bred with Boerboels. Nowadays, breeding Boerboels in South Africa is both a hobby and an industry as these dogs are now very popular all over the world.

Characteristics of This Breed

Boerboels can be anywhere from 60-72cm high, with males weighing somewhere between 65 and 90kg and females weighing somewhere between 55 and 70kg. They have very strong bones and are one of the muscliest dog breeds out there. They are an impressive dog to look at and they carry themselves with a lot of confidence.

When it comes to their coat, you will be happy to hear they do not shed a lot of hair and are easily groomed. All you really have to do is give them a bath once a month and trim their nails every now and then. The coat can come in a number of different shades, such as brown, red, cream, and brindle.


Boerboels are very intelligent animals and have a lot of energy. They are extremely loyal to their family and are fantastic with children. They are very charming dogs and will not hesitate to defend their loved ones. They are often nicknamed Velcro dogs due to how attached they get to their family.

There Are Some Restrictions

The Boerboel is a banned breed in France, Malaysia, Qatar, Geneva, Iowa, Bermuda, Tunisia, Faroe Islands, and Mauritius.

To own this breed in Singapore, you need to have insurance of $100,000 or more and the dog must be sterilized, microchipped and muzzled when in public. If you are in Denmark, your dog must be leashed and muzzled at all times when in public. If you are in Romania, you have to be over 18 and be proven to be psychologically fit enough to look after this breed.

The Best Place to Buy Boerboels in South Africa

Bundu Valley Boerboels has one aim and that is to provide people with top quality Boerboels. They know that this dog is truly a piece of South African heritage, so they will not sell their customers any Boerboels that do not meet their high standards. Most of the time they have adult dogs for sale, but they have puppies every now and then as well. To ensure that all of their dogs are of the highest quality, they breed them according to the strict SABT guidelines.


They Can Help You Sell Your Boerboels

If you breed your own Boerboels and are looking to sell them, Bundu Valley can help you do just that. However, they will need to appraise your dog first before they will accept it. In order for a Boerboel to be registered with them, it must score above 75%. If it scores 85% or more, then it can be registered as a stud. Appraisals take place in different regions at different times, so if you want to find out when the next appraisal close to you will be held, give the SABT a call.

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